BORNEO is an award-winning creative production company based in Spain. We produce commercials, music videos and visual content for top advertising agencies, brands, and clients all over the world.

We create and produce commercials, documentaries, short and long form content, music videos and stills campaigns. We work with you to bring stories from rough idea to the screen with an astonishing result. Our work has been viewed and awarded across four continents, actually, we’re working on reaching the moon too. There are no big or small projects for us, just new creative challenges and new boundaries to discover.

Some of our clients are Sony Music UK, Partizan, Academy Films, La Joya, Shackleton or Believe Direct. If you have a story to tell, we can bring it to life. If you have a brief we can turn into an idea, a film, a campaign or a visual content. We really love our job and we would be very happy to help and collaborate with you on your next project.

For questions, visual inquiries or just a hello, please contact at hola@weareborneo.com


Soundscreen Film Festival (Italy) - Realtime International Film Festival - FICG Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara (México) - Muestra de Movimiento Audiovisual (Mexico) - Los Angeles Cinefest (USA) - Xponorth (UK) - Ishinomaki International Film Festival (Japan) - International Short Film Festival Vision (Russia) - Copenhagen Underground Film Festival (Denmark) - XXII Errenteria Film Festival (Spain) - Bogotá Music Video Festival (Colombia) - XVIII Festival Málaga Cine Español (Spain) - Hitch Festival (Spain) - Enter Canarias Festival (Spain) - International Film Fest Of Toluca (Mexico) - Quest Europe Festival (Poland) - Rec Festival (Spain)



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